Global Marketing

Tevadaptor is a Teva Medical Ltd. product. Teva Medical Ltd, is part of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. one of the world’s largest generic and proprietary branded companies.
Tevadaptor® has been in the market since 2005 and is currently distributed in more than 20 countries worldwide. Tevadaptor® is constantly seeking to expand to more markets and to focus  on your safety, so you can focus on what really matters.

 Teva Hospital Products in Europe

With own subsidiaries in practically all European markets, Teva is ideally positioned to serve its hospital clients by providing products and services tailored to these clients’ needs.
In Europe, Teva’s hospital product portfolio includes generic drugs as well as branded products in intravenous and oral dosage forms. Teva’s generic oncology drug portfolio is one of the broadest in the industry. Next to this strong oncology franchise, the company offers anti-infective products, CNS and pain management, and a range of products in other therapeutic areas.
An increasing number of transplant patients across Europe can live with a donor organ thanks to products from Teva’s immunotherapy portfolio.
The approval of the biogeneric product TevaGrastim in Europe was the first milestone in Teva’s ambition to be a leader in this new product category.

 Teva & Safety

Working with health care professionals in European hospitals, Teva understands the increasing demand for safe solutions for the health care risks associated with their work.
This has lead to the development of TevaGuard and the Tevadaptor® system. Both systems help minimizing the risk of accidental exposure to potentially hazardous drug substances.
TevaGuard is a transparent sleeve that is applied over Teva’s oncology drug vials as one of the final steps in the manufacturing process. TevaGuard minimizes the risk of exposure to contamination from traces of drug substance on the outside of the drug vials, thereby increasing the safety in handling these potentially hazardous products.
The Tevadaptor® system was also designed to increase the safety in compounding and administration of potentially hazardous drugs.
It was first introduced in Europe in 2005 and is now being sold in an increasing number of European markets. The effective protection against exposure to hazardous drugs and needle sticks is appreciated by those who handle hazardous drugs in hospitals and other care settings.
Teva has spent a lot of effort in designing a system that is easy to use. Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and nurses that have switched to Tevadaptor® find that the system’s intuitive design contributes greatly to making it their preferred product for safe drug handling.
As the world’s leading generic drug company Teva will continue to offer an increasing number of hospital drugs to health care institutes across Europe. TevaGuard and the Tevadaptor® system will help making sure that the handling of these products is made safe and easy.


The manufacturing site (Migada) in Israel produces high quality products for safe drug handling, IV administration and access, volumetric set, delivery sets, and a range of other medical disposables.
The Migada plant is registered with the FDA and manufactures products in Class 8 Clean Room Facilities.
The Quality Management System is certified by ISO 13485 and cGMP.
Most of the products have CE Marking and are FDA registered.
An Ethylene Oxide sterilization facility is available in-house. OEM products and private label manufacturing are undertaken for companies requiring superior quality in the final product.

 Research and Development

Teva Medical Ltd. has a highly capable Research and Development department that is credited with the development of many unique products for improved patient care.

 Custom Development and Manufacturing

Teva Medical Ltd. has wide experience in the medical business and serves other manufactures who benefit from the accumulated expertise, range of development and manufacturing services offered to the medical industry. This includes converting concepts into commercial products.
Thanks to high quality standards and capabilities, Teva Medical Ltd. is an approved supplier to various market leaders in countries in the EU, the USA, as well as the rest of the world.