Are you a Pharmacist? Tevadaptor® is for you!


 Are you a Nurse? This is how Tevadaptor® can help you!


 What is Tevadaptor®?

Tevadaptor® is a Closed System transfer Device for safe compounding and administration of hazardous drugs. Tevadaptor® minimizes the risk of exposure to hazardous drug substances and the risk of needlestick injuries, protecting pharmacists, nurses and patients alike.
Tevadaptor® has a patented double membrance system, Toxi-Guard®, which keeps the drug sterile during all stages of preparation, handling and storage, while protecting the user from exposure by preventing vapor and aerosol from escaping the vial.
Tevadaptor® is FDA cleared under ONB product code,  to meet CSTD definitions - a closed system transfer device that mechanically prohibits the release of the drug in vapor, aerosol or liquid form during preparation and administration, and prevents the introduction of microbial and airborne contaminants into the drug or fluid path, allowing the system to minimize exposure of individuals, healthcare personnel, and the environment to hazardous drugs.