What are Tevadaptor's storage conditions?

Tevadaptor does not require special storage conditions. We advise you to store the Tevadaptor component in a cool and dry place.

How do I know that the Spike Port Adaptor won't fall out during delivery to the ward?

The spike is fixed to the bag by high friction.

How can I prime the Spike Port Adaptor when attached to a bag? The fluid from the bag doesn't seem to run into the Spike Port.

To prime the SPA, the nurse must connect the infusion set to the SPA. The SPA is then primed together with the infusion set. There are two safety devices in the Spike Port Adaptor Set: 1. Clamp - which the nurse should close before connecting the spike to the bag. 2. Diaphragm - in the twist-off connector. The diaphragm is torn when the spike of the IV set is introduced. As long as the IV set is not connected, the diaphragm remains intact and fluid cannot flow into the Spike Port Adaptor.

Can vials with the Tevadaptor Vial Adaptor attached be stored in the refrigerator?

Yes, just make sure that the vial and Vial Adaptor reach room temp before use. In addition, always refer to the drug manufacturer instructions

Can I use Tevadaptor to fill elastomeric infusers?

Yes, by connecting a Luer Lock Adaptor onto the infuser.

How will Tevadaptor work with my usual infusion pumps on the ward?

You should connect your standard pump set to the Spike Port Adaptor.

Can bags with bag sets spiked into them be stored in the refrigerator?

Yes, just make sure that the IV bag is brought to room temperature before use. In addition, always refer to the drug manufacturer instructions

Can I use Tevadaptor with drugs that come in ampoules?


How do I get rid of air bubbles in the syringe?

Aspirate slowly. If necessary, remove air from the syringe by holding the plunger upside down and pushing in gently until you first feel resistance. Do not push hard as the membrane may be plugged.

How can I prevent needle exposure?

There is no risk of needle exposure in Tevadaptor

How do I dispose of Tevadaptor products?

Tevadaptor components should never be disconnected from the vial, syringe or bag in order to maintain a closed system during waste disposal. Dispose in hazardous waste containers per local practice.

Can Tevadaptor be used with drugs where the package insert states "do not use filter"?

Yes, the Tevadaptor components do not contain inline filters.

What is the difference between Tevadaptor and filtered/vented chemo pins?

Tevadaptor is a closed system for drug reconstitution and administration that uses a unique dual filter technology (TOXI-GUARD) to ensure that no toxic species leak into the environment. Vented pins are open systems with no protection against vapor release.

How long will it take a pharmacist or technician to learn how to use Tevadaptor and return to the rate of preparation they were at before they started?

As with any new procedure, time to adjust is necessary. Initially, the use of Tevadaptor may increase preparation time, depending on the number of chemo preparations your particular institution is doing. However, the Tevadaptor procedure is easy to learn, and the original rate of preparation is proven to return quickly once your staff has adapted to the new system.

Can Tevadaptor be used for other routes of administration, e.g. bladder instillation etc.?

Yes. Tevadaptor can be used for other routes of administration in certain countries. Please contact your local distributor.

Can Tevadaptor be used with any infusion bag or bottle?

Tevadaptor can be used with flexible/collapsible containers. Tevadaptor can not be used with infusion glass bottles.


Why must the filing occur while the vial is not inverted?

The vial adaptor contains a hydrophobic membrane, if the vial is not inverted, the membrane will get wet by the solution and therefore will be blocked.

Will using Tevadaptor® slow our production rates?

No. Tevadaptor is very user friendly and easy to learn.