Who is the Authorized Representative for Tevadaptor in Europe?

Donawa Consulting Srl Piazza Albania, 10 00153 Rome, Italy

Does Tevadaptor have a CE Marking?


What is the Tevadaptor CE-Marking classification?

Tevadaptor is a Class I Sterile Medical Device

What is Tevadaptor's CE-Marking code?

The code is CE0483.

What is the bar code on Tevadaptor?

What is the bar code on Tevadaptor?

What is the definition of a closed-system drug transfer device?

NIOSH define a closed-system drug transfer device as, "a device that mechanically prohibits the transfer of environmental contaminants into the system and the escape of hazardous drugs of vapor concentrations outside the system".

Is there an existing patent on Tevadaptor system?


Who is responsible for marketing Tevadaptor in Europe?

Please see your desired country contact details in Global Marketing section of the Tevadaptor website

Is Tevadaptor registered with the FDA and CE?

Yes, Tevadaptor is registered with the FDA and CE.