Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Tevadaptor®?

    Tevadaptor® is a Closed System Drug Transfer Device (CSTD) that mechanically prohibits the release of the drug in vapor, aerosol or liquid form during preparation and administration, and prevents the introduction of microbial and airborne contaminants into the drug or fluid path, allowing the system to minimize exposure of individuals, healthcare personnel, and the environment to hazardous drugs.

    How do Tevadaptor® components connect to each other?

    Tevadaptor® has a diverse portfolio that is tailored to your clinical needs, adapting to drug vials,syringes, IV containers and administration sets.  With a simple "click", two Tevadaptor components can easily connect.

    What is Toxi-Guard®?

    Toxi-Guard® is Tevadaptor®'s patented air-cleaning technology. This unique mechanism located inside the Tevadaptor® Vial Adaptor  is a patented double membrane system. It is comprised of two layers: one is an activated carbon matrix, which functions as a hazardous drug adsorbant, and the second layer is a 0.2 micron hydrophobic and oleophobic membrane which functions as a sterile barrier for external air. Due to these Toxi-Guard® characteristics, the Tevadaptor® Closed System Transfer Device keeps the user safe while working with hazardous drugs.

    What are the Tevadaptor® system component SKUs?

    Each Tevadaptor® component has a unique code (SKU). Refer to specification sheets on our resource center.

    Will Tevadaptor® fit all bags/infusors/IV containers?

    Tevadaptor® Spike Port Adaptor (SPA) and Tevadaptor® Connecting Set (CS) will fit any spike port and connect distally to any luer lock connection set.

    Will Tevadaptor® fit all syringes?

    Tevadaptor® Syringe Adaptor and Syringe Adaptor Lock fit all standard luer lock syringes.

    How can Tevadaptor® fit all your connection needs?

    With a low number of SKUs, Tevadaptor® is designed to fit all connection types from spike to luer lock connections, either on the port side or at the end of a set or on the patient's side.

    Do you have administration sets available in the portfolio?

    Yes, we have different administration sets that can fit your requirements. Please see our products.

    How does the Toxi-Guard® mechanism maintain safety?

    The Toxi-Guard® mechanism which is located inside the Tevadaptor® Vial Adaptor is adjacent to the air pathway thereby preventing the escape of drug vapors and aerosols from within the vial and sterilizing the air entering the vial.

    What are the 0.2 micron membrane characteristics?

    The 0.2 micron membrane is both hydrophobic and oleophobic, thus preventing any drug droplets from passing through to the outside. Furthermore, the membrane sterilizes air entering the vial.

    What are the charcoal matrix characteristics?

    The charcoal matrix is made of activated carbon, which acts as a hazardous drug vapor adsorber, preventing the escape of hazardous drugs from within the vial to the outside.

    Is the drug filtered by the Toxi-Guard® system?

    No. The drug fluid is blocked by the Toxi-Guard® system and is not filtered by it.

    Is the air filtered by the Toxi-Guard® system?

    Yes, the air that is passing through the Toxi-Guard® system is filtered.

    What is the pore size of the membrane in the Toxi-Guard® filter?

    The pore size of the membrane is 0.2 micron.

    What is the needle bore diameter in the Tevadaptor® Syringe Adaptor?

    The needle bore size of the Tevadaptor® Syringe Adaptor needle is 16G.

    What materials are the Tevadaptor® components made of?

    Please refer to the data sheets of each component in our resource center.

    Is Tevadaptor® latex-free?

    Yes, all the components in the Tevadaptor® portfolio are free of latex.

    Does Tevadaptor® contain DEHP?

    No. All Tevadaptor® components are DEHP-free.

    Is Tevadaptor® sterile?

    Yes, all Tevadaptor® components are sterile.

    How is Tevadaptor® sterilized?

    Tevadaptor® is sterilized by using Ethylene Oxide (EtO).

    What is the Tevadaptor® shelf-life?

    The shelf life of Tevadaptor® components is 3 years. The expiry date is indicated on each single unit package and on each box.

    How are Tevadaptor® components packaged?

    All components are individually packaged as a single unit, with a specific amount of components per box.

    How does the charcoal matrix in the Toxi-Guard® work?

    What drug stability data does Tevadaptor® have?

    Is drug sterility maintained when using Tevadaptor® repeatedly?

    Has Tevadaptor® been tested according to the 2016 NIOSH draft protocol for containment of hazardous drugs?

    What data is available for using Tevadaptor® with monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)?

    Does Tevadaptor® offer a solution for closed administration?

    How can I prime the Tevadaptor® Spike Port Adaptor when attached to the bag?

    How can I use Tevadaptor® to fill elastomeric disposable infusers?

    How will Tevadaptor® work with my usual electronic infusion pump on the ward?

    How can I prevent needle stick injuries?

    Can I connect Tevadaptor® Vial Adaptor to drug ampules?

    How do I dispose of Tevadaptor® products?

    How do I get rid of air bubbles in the syringe?

    Can Tevadaptor® be used for bladder instillation?

    Will using Tevadaptor® slow down our production rates?

    Does Tevadaptor® require pre-priming or extra steps before using it?

    Can vials with a tevadaptor® Vial Adaptor attached be stored in the refrigerator?

    What are the Tevadaptor® storage conditions?

    Is Tevadaptor® FDA cleared?

    Yes, Tevadaptor® received FDA 510(k) clearance under ONB product code (K141448) in 2014.

    Does Tevadaptor® have a CE marking?

    Yes, Tevadaptor® has a CE mark (CE0483).

    Is there an existing patent on the Tevadaptor® system?

    Yes. Please refer to our patents information page.